Snap Conference was established in 2010 as a way to connect creative and imaginative bloggers with top brands and other successful lifestyle influencers. Over the years, it has grown into THE main conference lifestyle influencers and creative bloggers go to network and discover their ‘next step.’

In the fall of 2019, Snap handed over the reins to Kami Kilgore who launched Everything Food Conference in 2015, which continues to grow in popularity. She is so excited about taking Snap to the next level!  

(Psst… AND did you know Kami was so inspired while attending Snap that she started Everything Food right then and there in the lobby of Little America during SnapConf 2015?)  

In 2020, you’ll continue to find everything that makes Snap great! You’ll participate in fun crafts and craft demonstrations. Then, you’ll put your entrepreneur hat on and learn how to elevate your marketing skills, meet sponsors, and up your game in every way!

Here’s what will NOT change:

  1. The Snap community feel and closeness. The relationships you have built over the years are incredibly valuable. We will work to preserve those relationships by maintaining established beloved Snap traditions while adding some new traditions to build even stronger relationships. Snap will continue to be THE place for creative, DIY & lifestyle bloggers and influencers.
  2. The main structure of the event. We know you love parties! We know you love fabulous speakers! We know networking with brands is a MUST! We look forward to bringing in past favorites while adding unbelievable speakers to the lineup, attracting new sponsors, and creating unforgettable memories.
  3. Decor! It’s all about those fabulous pictures and we will make sure you have several Instagram worthy places for you to selfie.

What does the new Snap team bring to the table?

  1. Experience! Over the past 5 years, the Everything Food team has studied events and tweaked, changed, and improved every single part of the Everything Food Conference to make it an incredible event. They are excited to jump in after all the hard lessons they have learned and bring the best of the best to Snap!
  2. A crazy, obsessive-like passion for putting on one heck of a conference. A professional, well-organized conference does not mean boring! Snap will be THE one place where creative influencers will attend to grow your business, make necessary connections, and leave feeling like a boss.
  3. A structured, organized TEAM! We are now a team of 9 who work year-round to meet your needs, wants, and requests. We work hard for YOU because you deserve it!

Who attends Snap Conference?

Snap Conference is the perfect place for inspiration, networking, and discovering brands to work with for crafty bloggers, awesome DIYers, entertainment bloggers, lifestyle influencers and creative entrepreneurs! 

Come join us! 

More about the event!

Snap Conference 2020 will be held on October 5-7 in Layton, Utah at the beautiful Davis Conference Center and Hilton Garden Inn Hotel (a short 25 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah).

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