SNAP 2019 Welcomes HGTV’s Boise Boys: Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson

We are excited that Luke and Clint will be joining us at Snap 2019! They will be inspiring us with their remarkable story as our keynote speakers on Friday evening, April 12.

Best friends and home renovation experts, Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, are breathing new life into Idaho’s capital city one home at a time in HGTV’s hit series Boise Boys. Often referred to as “the Odd Couple of home renovation,” business partners and entrepreneurs Clint and Luke are an unlikely pairing that just works.

In 2014, Clint and Luke met through a mutual friend. The duo immediately hit it off and soon after they purchased a home together to renovate. After a few successful remodels, their partnership was forged and Timber + Love, their realty and home design business was born.  It is headquartered in a 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse in downtown Boise along the iconic river.

As partners, the pair’s personalities and skills complement each other perfectly: Luke approaches design with fun, spontaneity and a talent for gracefully marrying the past and present, while contractor Clint is a can-do real estate businessman who keeps a firm eye on the construction and budget bottom line. The guys’ chemistry is a hit with viewers: during its first season Boise Boys pegged impressive viewership numbers and helped HGTV consistently rank as the No. 1 cable network among upscale women 25-54 in the Thursday 11 PM time slot.

After a successful Season 1 produced by High Noon Entertainment (Fixer Upper, Cake Boss), HGTV ordered 13, hour-long episodes which follow the pair as they renovate dilapidated properties into resale-ready homes. While their business is booming, family always comes first for this dynamic duo. The highly anticipated Season 2 of BoiseBoys will premiere in April 2019 on Wednesdays at 11PM.

Luke Caldwell

A native of Boise, Idaho, Luke Caldwell’s journey to becoming a designer/entrepreneur took a very creative path. Luke grew up in the city’s historic district with close proximity to downtown and the surrounding mountains that he loved to explore. As a child, Luke traveled internationally, accompanying his family on journeys to help start orphanages in India. He was greatly affected by the culture and the plight of the countless orphans. The experiences stayed with him and would greatly affect his future as he and his wife, Miranda, have chosen to be adoptive parents of multiple international orphans.

In order to help fund their first adoption, Luke decided to try his hand at renovating and flipping a home. Despite having little real estate experience at the time, he had no doubt that he could succeed because of his business acumen.  He cut his teeth early as an entrepreneur starting as young boy with a bicycle paper route, then went on to create multiple businesses and helped manage a very successful musical booking and management company.  The surprise was that during his first home flip he found another way to express his creativity- through innovative home design. 

Sparked by a passion for adopting children with special needs Luke and Miranda continued to renovate and flip homes to help fund and fuel their belief that every child deserves a loving family. Today, in addition to their biological children, Elias (age 10) and Brighten (age 8), Luke and Miranda have adopted four special needs children – Morris (age 11), Ezra (age 10), Tucker (age 9) and Darla (age 7) – with a fifth child, Promise, to join their happy, growing brood in Spring 2019.

Clint Robertson

A Fort Worth, Texas native, Clint Robertson was on his way to medical school when his entrepreneurial spirit caused him to adjust course.  He graduated from Texas Christian University with an accounting degree and CPA, then went on to earn a law degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law.  A compulsive achiever, Clint is currently a licensed business attorney, CPA, contractor, real estate broker and developer, mediator and negotiator, and serial entrepreneur. Clint has worked in real estate for most of his career as it encompasses everything he loves about business including the art of negotiating, deal making, financing, conceptualizing, and working with his hands.

Clint is a fun-loving personality who enjoys mentoring, teaching, and playing poker.  He also has a big heart for children and serves on charitable boards supporting the needs of the disabled/disadvantaged.  About a decade ago, Clint and his family moved from Texas to the mountains of Idaho, seeking the outdoor adventure lifestyle of the Northern Rocky Mountains.  Shortly after moving to Idaho in 2011, Clint appeared on NBC’s business competition “The Apprentice,” finishing as a finalist and fan favorite.

Clint met the love of his life, Sandy, in college.  Together they have worked hand-in-hand in a variety of Clint’s entrepreneurial ventures. They homeschooled their three high-achieving sons: Jake (medical school), Eli (majoring in physics-engineering), and Daniel (high school). When the boys aren’t pursuing their educations, you can often see them lending their dad a hand in some fun construction task on an episode of “Boise Boys.”