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Hi there! I’m Amy from the blogs Mod Podge Rocks and DIY Candy – and pleased to be here to share my “One Word” with you today. I love this challenge . . . seriously. It makes you think. It’s actually difficult, at least for me, to reflect on the past year and think about what I want for 2015. Difficult only because it requires quite a bit of self reflection . . . the good and the bad. But I love the exercise. I like self examination, even when it’s hard. So my word for this year?


I owe you a little bit of background. You see, I never expected to be in this position. By “position” I mean that I’m currently a professional blogger with a book (working on a second) and a product line. I’m very grateful for where I am, but since I didn’t really plan getting here, it’s been a little difficult to navigate. So I’ve done the only thing I really know how to do, which is work hard. To the detriment of my health and some other things around me. Not good.

I started blogging in 2005-ish when I went back to get my MBA. I had a LiveJournal just like Mark Zuckerberg did when he started Facebook (though we took way different routes). I would blog about my life and what was going on at school. It was a nice change from studying and working full time, which is what I did with the rest of the hours in my day. Writing was cathartic and I’ve always loved doing it, so it was a natural fit.

When I graduated from school in 2008, I needed a new challenge, so I turned my blogging focus to crafts. I always liked the Mod Podge logo and honestly, that’s how Mod Podge Rocks was born. I started the blog to chronicle my favorite projects from others as well as to post my own projects. You see, I was learning how to use the medium myself. I am a lifelong crafter but my focus had always been textiles – sewing and knitting. But hey, I’m willing to try anything.

The blog grew over the years. In 2011 I wrote a book (that was released the following year) and in 2012 I was making enough money to quit my job. So in January of 2012, that’s what I did. Sounds exciting, right?

It’s been a huge roller coaster.

I inherited some good things and some not so good things from my parents – we all have. One of the not so good things is a work ethic that is strong but sacrifices personal health and enjoyment to get things done. So since 2012, I have sent my health down the toilet working long hours, and working too hard. I’ve strained relationships. I haven’t seen my parents in almost three years (I live in Atlanta, they live in Seattle). Can you see where this is going??

But for 2015, I’ve decided something . . . I’m going to LIVE. No more burning the midnight oil for my blogs or more business. I’m going to travel, I’m going to enjoy my dogs and my personal relationships, and I’m going to be present. And if my blog suffers, and my page views suffer, and I make a little less . . . who cares. Because it’s commonly said as a joke, but seriously: YOLO. You only live once.

And I want to be happy and healthy, and to smile again and laugh all the time like I used to. I want to make it clear that I’m so grateful and blessed to be where I am – I thank God every day. But something has changed and I’m not who I once was. You shouldn’t have to miss your “old self.”


So let’s do it. Let’s LIVE!

To go along with my word, here are a few projects from my blog Mod Podge Rocks that are inspiring:

Make a banner - for any occasion - using Fabric Mod Podge!


Easy way to make a pretty DIY luggage tag


So come join me at Mod Podge Rocks or DIY Candy . . . I’ll be updating you on my adventures! You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Thanks to Tauni for having me, and I hope to see all of you soon!

Amy’s decision to “live” in 2015 is so inspiring. We should all follow her example. Have you visited her site? The DIY glitter ampersand has me swooning! Stop by and check it out!


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