People keep asking me which influencer conference I have liked the most and where they should go in the future and I keep saying EFC! It’s one of the few blogger conferences that I enjoy ATTENDING… you have such great speakers for all levels of bloggers. SO much inspiration. So thank you!! I’m a fan!

Amanda Rettke


Everything Food Conference ended up being much more than I expected! You connect with yourself and who you want to be as a blogger and influencer. You connect with others who totally get you and with essential information to take you onward and upward. AND you connect with brands ready to work with you and inspire your readers in new, creative ways. It literally was everything!

Carrian Cheney


The vast amount of information and inspiration…makes the trip across country to EFC completely worth it. Friendships made, the networking, and conversations with other bloggers, influencers, and sponsors are paramount to growing both your reputation and your brand. I look forward to this food blogger conference every year!

Sally McKenney Quinn