Where is the next Snap Conference taking place?

In Layton, Utah at the beautiful Davis Conference Center and Hilton Garden Inn Hotel (a short 25 minutes north of Salt Lake City, Utah).

What are the dates for the next Snap Conference?

Snap will be held Monday, October 5th through Wednesday October 7th in 2020.

When do tickets go on sale for Snap Conference?

Ticket sales and other dates will be announced soon. 

Should I attend Snap?

Yes! Absolutely! Our attendees range from beginners to lifestyle influencer experts who have been running their business for years. It’s perfect for crafty bloggers, awesome DIYers, entertainment bloggers, lifestyle influencers and creative entrepreneurs. If you are ready to take your creative passion to the next level, Snap is the place for you! 

Our goal is to provide education and entertainment that will have you feeling confident and ready to tackle your business goals! 

AND leave you wanting more next year!

How much does Snap cost?

Full Conference Tickets are $400. However, tickets will increase to $500 if purchased after [Date TBD], 2020.

Business Conference Tickets are $750. However, tickets will increase to $900 purchased after [Date TBD] 2020.

What is the difference between full conference tickets and business conference tickets?

Full Conference Tickets are for bloggers, digital influencers, content creators, YouTubers, podcasters & micro-businesses (3 or fewer employees). 

Business Conference Tickets are for brands, marketers, and agencies with 4 or more employees.

If you’re still not sure, email [email protected], and we can help you clarify which ticket is best for you.

What’s your refund policy?

Sometimes you buy a ticket and the unexpected happens. No worries!

Full Conference ticket holders can receive a refund for a fee of $95 until a date to be announced soon. 

Business ticket holders can receive a refund for a fee of $195 until a date to be announced soon. 

Please note: No refunds will be given after [Date TBD] and there are no transfers for 2020 tickets. 

How do I book my hotel room?

The room block at the Hilton Garden Inn, attached to our venue at the Davis Conference Center, will open on [Date TBD].  We’ve listed other close hotels for your convenience HERE.

Don’t forget, our venue Davis Conference Center has FREE parking.

Do I need to sign up for general class sessions during the conference? 

Conference guests DO NOT need to sign up for general sessions in advance. 

We recommend carefully perusing the schedule to plan out the courses you’d like to attend in advance. Once you arrive and collect your registration materials, you’ll also receive a printed schedule showing where the classes are held so you’ll be able to get there early and grab a seat.

How can I apply to be a speaker? 

Our call for speakers will be announced soon. Please subscribe to our email newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Please note: Speakers do receive a complimentary ticket. Speakers are carefully considered and announced at different times throughout the year. If you want to secure a ticket before you know if you’ve been selected, we recommend purchasing your ticket right away. If you’re chosen as a speaker and already purchased a conference ticket, we will happily fully refund your ticket.

Do you have a Facebook group?

Yes! Come join us! You can request to join our Official Snap Facebook group here.  It’s a great place to meet other attendees, find a roommate, and ask for advice.

How do I become a sponsor?

Snap has incredible sponsors! We are always looking for sponsors who see the value of influencer marketing and want to connect and collaborate with attendees. They are a valuable part of our conference! If you think your company would be a great fit, please email [email protected].

How do I volunteer for Snap?

Our volunteers are an essential part of Snap Conference. We would be lost without you! We are still organizing our volunteer needs and schedules for 2020.  Please subscribe to our volunteer email list, and we will be in touch no later than 90 days before the conference.

I’m not a sponsor, but my company wants to host a dinner, party, or private event during the conference. Is that okay?

This type of event is strongly prohibited by Snap and would be considered Suitcasing and Outboarding. Suitcasing is an unethical business practice in which companies gain access to an event and then solicit business during the conference. Outboarding is when a company that should be a sponsor of an event instead decides to host their own competing event without the consent of the original event organizer.

Snap does not allow Suitcasing, Outboarding or Partial Outboarding where a brand or agency hosts any event, function, training, seminar, focus group or other any other activity that competes with Snap Conference.

For further clarification, please email [email protected].

What is the recommended dress code for Snap Conference?

We want attendees to look and feel their best, and we love to see the variety of incredible personal style! 

Business or business casual is the recommended attire for each day of the conference, but we strongly suggest that you dress to impress when visiting sponsor booths. These meetings are similar to job interviews with potential partners, so dress accordingly!

Also, be sure to check the weather forecast as well. We suggest pants and a jacket, as it will be chilly in the evenings, and don’t forget some comfortable shoes!

A brand is sponsoring me to attend.  Can I hand out materials on their behalf? 

In order to keep costs down for all attendees, our generous official sponsors help us do so by their sponsorships.  Since we want to honor the commitment of our official sponsors, attendees will not be allowed to pass out or leave in public areas advertisements, literature, or branded materials on behalf of a company that is not an official sponsor at the conference venue or official hotel. 

If you have small gifts to distribute with your business card during regular networking, whether you’re sponsored or not, please let people opt in to receive them.

No events, meetings or parties on behalf of personal sponsors will be permitted on the conference grounds, including the official hotel.


Though we’ve done our best to provide you with all the information you need, you still might have a question or two (or three or four). Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer it.