Disclaimer: Cold Stone Chocolate is a sponsor at SNAP! Conference 2013 and provided us with the year of chocolate for the giveaway. They’re also providing SNAP! readers with 30% off their purchase. Details on the giveaway and promotion at the end of this post.

If you attended SNAP! Conference last year then you’ll remember the chocolaty, creamy, amazing goodness that was Utah Truffles. (If you didn’t find any in your swag bag, I suggest you question your roommates…)

Because we’re huge fans of Utah Truffles and always looking to support local business, we were over-the-moon excited more than happy to help Utah Truffles kick off their latest venture, Cold Stone Chocolate, at SNAP! Conference 2013.

Cold Stone Chocolate

You read that correctly—Cold Stone Creamery now has a line of chocolate bars thanks to Utah Truffles. I can think of no one better to translate the deliciousness of Cold Stone Creations into a collection of to-die-for bars. They’ve basically taken premium chocolate and combined it with “scrumptious inclusions and ingredients” to make “new and exciting experiences in chocolate.”

I love new and exciting experiences in chocolate. Bring. It. On.

I may have gotten a sneak peek—and a sneak taste or two…or three—at the new Cold Stone Chocolate bars:

Cold Stone Chocolate Instagram

I let my friend Char choose which one she wanted to try. She chose the Chocolate Devotion and may or may not have left this comment on the Utah Truffles Facebook page: “I had one of the Chocolate Devotions last week and HOLY CRAP. It was fantastic.”

I tried the Mmmmmint Chip and may or may not have left this comment on the same Facebook page: “Um…Cold Stone Chocolate in Mmmmmint Chip? My hips may not thank you, but my taste buds will love you forever.”

And that was after it had fully melted in the car and been reconstituted via refrigerator.

The new Cold Stone Chocolate bars come in five creations (so far):

Cold Stone Chocolate bars

From left to right: Cherry Almond Sundae, Chocolate Devotion, Coffee Lovers Only,
Mmmmmint Chip, Cookies N’ Creamery

You can buy them in a box of 12 all one flavor or mix and match your favorites. And if you “like” Utah Truffles on Facebook, you may catch some special offers. (HINT: You might see one for 20% off any order if you head over there right now.)

Cold Stone Chocolate launched only a week or so ago, so they are brand new in the social media. Show them some love by:

You can keep up with all the Cold Stone Chocolate fun at SNAP! by following the hashtag #coldstonesnap on Twitter and Instagram.


Cold Stone Chocolate is offering SNAP! attendees and readers 30% OFF their purchase! Simply enter code SNAP30 at checkout. Offer expires May 18, 2013.

And now for the giveaway!

Cold Stone Chocolate is giving away a year’s worth of chocolate!

* You’ll receive a 12-pack of the new chocolate bars every month for a year!

That’s 144 Cold Stone Chocolate bars—140 for you and 4 for the rest of the family.

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