Hi there! It’s Aimee and Bettijo from PagingSupermom.com, and today we’re here to talk about the SNAP Door Contest. We will be seeing you all in just over two months, and we can’t contain our SNAP excitement any longer!

If you’ve been to SNAP before then you know it’s less like a business conference and more like a giant slumber party with the most awesome bloggers on the planet. Seriously we’re going to have SO much fun!

Remember back to your dorm days?? Before Facebook walls and Instagram feeds… OK maybe we’re dating ourselves… but back then decorating your door was a serious art form, and SNAP is kind of like that. These doors from SNAP last year give you a little taste.


This April we are turning the Little America in Salt Lake into the SNAP Sorority House, and it’s all about the door! Our friends at 3M are sponsoring the 2014 door contest, and while we’ve got a new and totally fabulous trophy in the works, the grand prize is still a secret, but trust us it’s going to be BIG!


Door Decorating Contest Rules

1. Since we have obtained permission from the hotel to decorate doors, only SNAP attendees staying at the Little America can participate in the contest.
2. Only a 3M Command or Scotch product designed for clean and damage-free removal can be adhered to the doors. Please only decorate the door and door frame itself — you may not adhere anything to any walls.
3. Door designs must be completed by midnight on April 24, 2014.
4. We would love to see updates on Instagram as you are preparing your door, but be sure to post a photo of your finished door and tag
@SnapConf, @PagingSupermom and #ScotchSnappyDoors.

Little America Hotel Doors

To really get planning we knew it would be helpful to take a peek at the doors you’ll be decorating. We stopped in at the Little America so we could share this quick reference with you.


Unfortunately there was no way for us to be 100-percent sure that every door in the hotel will conform to these measurements, so be sure your design is flexible enough that you can make any necessary adjustments. Still we figured this would give you a rough idea to get started. (Also, please excuse the poor-quality, iPhone photo. It turns out hotel hallways are not ideal photography locations.)


It is not too early to get brainstorming, and to encourage you all to start thinking about your Snappy Doors we’re giving away a TICKET TO SNAP! To enter our Instagram photo contest, take a minute today and SNAP a pic of your front door then share it on Instagram. Be sure to follow @SnapConf and @PagingSupermom and tag #ScotchSnappyDoors.


For more chances to win you can also repost the image above with the same tags. We’ll pick a winner March 10 at midnight, so get your entries in early!