One of the things that I love most about blogging is that there really are no rules. There’s no step-by-step formula, no “one way” to success. Despite all that, there are still best practices and it’s important to seek¬†information from those who’ve “been there.”

I frequently share blogging tips, tricks and tutorials on SNAP! Many of the tutorials you will find here are based on my experience. Beginning next week, in addition to my regular commentary, you will find blogging advice from a variety of other bloggers each Friday.

Blogging tips and tricks


You will find that not every post will fit, but many you will. Your challenge is to sort through the advice, try out what sounds good to you and then determine if you will continue with it.

So, I am curious. What are you most interested in learning from other bloggers? Any topic suggestions?

Oh and if you missed any of last year’s Feature Friday series, What’s in My Handbag, be sure to go back and check the archives!