Today we had a little fun during #SNAPChat discussing guest posting.  The chat was fun, informative, and full of great ideas.  I loved hearing that other people proof read a million times and are nervous approaching other people to post.  It made me feel a little more normal.  I know I will still need to refer to all the great ideas on guest posting from earlier this week though… I am not super human.  Maybe I should refer to them for this post.

I know you are all dying to hear the stats from today’s chat.  But I have to get the WINNERS out of the way first. We got a little wild during #SNAPChat today.  We decided to announce the WINNER of the 12 Days of Christmas ticket giveaway from the SNAP! blog.  Drum roll please…. It is Kellie from Nest of Posies.  We are so thrilled to see her (and hopefully you) in April!  Plus… we got to giveaway an awesome Vintage Pearl necklace to Karen from The Graphics Fairy.  I kind of felt like Stephie Claus… Just with a few less chin hairs than Santa.  I hope both want to join us by guest posting on the SNAP! blog.  Because we are accepting guest posters… YAY!  (email admin at if you want to guest post)

Our 4th #SNAPChat was amazing.  I want to thank everyone for taking time out of the busy holiday season to join in.  I can’t wait to see all the awesome guest posts floating around the bloggesphere thanks to all of your advice: (reporting the last 24 hours)

  • Tweets- 504
  • Impressions-1,028,548
  • Audience-62,238

Guest posting can be tricky.  I feel a little wiser thanks to everyone responding to our questions with their experiences:

Q1-What is the most stressful part of guest posting or having someone guest post for you?

  • @binksandbubble-A1- I stress that someone wouldn’t want to guest post on blog or I would do something as a guest poster no one would like.  #SNAPChat
  • @mmscrapshopee-A1: I freak out that people will forget to give me their guest post.  I usually have guest for a specific party on my blog #snapchat

Q2-Have you ever had to not publish a guest post?

  • @nestofposies-picture editing.  they wanted me to do it. #SNAPChat
  • @roosterhenblog-Never hosted a guest post…yet. Never asked someone to host me either.  Something I need to do.  #snapchat

Q3-Do you spend more time writing and editing guest posts? Why or why not?

  • @taunitweets-When it comes time to write your guest post, make sure the content you provide is your absolute best.  #youwillreaprewards #snapchat
  • @sahans-A3-I definitely spend more time on guest posts… I recognize that other’s have standards. 😉 #SNAPChat

Q4-What are some of the favorite guest posts you have written  or have had written for you?

  • @RUaDSarah-Q4- I recently wrote one about some shelves I built for my office.  I LOVE them!  I like building things from scratch. #SNAPChat
  • @ThriveBllog-A4- guest posting for @jenjentrixie and @UcreateLLC were huge ‘yeah I don’t suck at blogging’ moments! @snapconf #snapchat

Don’t forget to join us for next week’s #SNAPChat when we share our favorite last minute gift ideas.  And yes I will be saying “unicorn pillow pets and snuggies”.  Be there on 12/22/11 at 10:30 am MST… Happy Shopping!