Disclosure: Today’s conversation is sponsored by The Home Depot – the title sponsor at Snap. All stories, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My dad never met a wall he didn’t want to knock down and so, as you can imagine, my childhood was full of DIY projects. We remodeled, we added on and at one point during the 80’s my dad had all four of us kids up on the roof painstakingly removing the beautiful shaker shingles one by one so they could be reused.

My parents are retired now and the projects haven’t stopped. In the last six months they’ve added a sunroom, taken the kitchen down to the sheetrock and refinished a zillion square feet of hard wood flooring.

All of those projects were completed with the help of The Home Depot.


Seriously. You guys, to this day my parents spend “date night” within the walls of Home Depot and often go there to shop when they are bored.

To say that shopping The Home Depot runs in my blood is an understatement.

While I have been blessed to work with many sponsors in the last four or five years, the opportunity to work with The Home Depot for Snap 2014 has been outstanding. (Not to mention what it’s done for my relationship with Mom and Dad.)

I am hoping my parents might be done with some of the more major projects and so I have very generously found a few projects on The Home Depot’s Apron Blog, which is simply brimming with inspiration, that they can invest a little time in.

Storage Crate via The Home Depot Apron Blog #DIY #Storage DIY Wooden Storage Crate

DIY Zebra Print Rug via @homedepot #rug #DIY #zebraMetallic Gold Zebra Print Rug

Wall Art via @HomeDepot #DIY #art #DiptychOmbre Wall Art

Ombre Tablecloth via @HomeDepot #summer #DIY #tablecloth #picnicOmbre Burlap Tablecloth

The Home Depot’s go-to DIY’s include everything from storage to custom decor -perfect for hard core “weekend warriors” like my parents or bloggers looking for a little inspiration, like myself.

For those of you coming to Snap 2014, I know the amazing folks at The Home Depot can’t wait to meet you all!

Insider tip: be thinking of your all-time favorite DIY. Word on the street is that our friends at The Home Depot are going to be featuring some of YOUR projects on a DIY Hall of Fame!!!

For EVERYONE, don’t miss their official blog and be sure to follow them on social media for even MORE DIY inspiration:

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