Duck Tape from Shurtech

We are so happy to announce Duck Tape as a sponsor for SNAP! Conference 2013!

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This is Duck Tape’s first year at SNAP! and we can hardly wait. Duck Brand Duck Tape will be mixing and mingling with SNAP! attendees, talking about their exciting new products…like these beautiful rolls of Duck Tape prints:

Duck Brand Duck Tape

Though I’ve never crafted with duct tape, my oldest daughter has made a few treasures and I know she’s going to be jonesing for some of the new Duck Tape prints, especially the mustache one. How cute is that?

I’m hoping the good people at Duck Tape will show us some of the fantastic creations you can make using only a roll (or two ) of duct tape during SNAP! Conference. Now THAT is one craft I could totally get into—no glitter, no hot glue, no papier mâché.

Duck Tape at SNAP!

Are you thinking of the questions you have for Duck Tape when you attend SNAP! this year?  You’ll be able to visit with them in our break & sponsor room and throughout the conference. We also welcome you to get to know them online: