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I’m Carolina Moore, the creative mind behind the sites 30 Minute Crafts and Always Expect Moore. I live in Las Vegas with my husband and two little boys, and am known for fast crafts, fun quilts, and working too much.

It didn’t take me long to decide what my 2015 word of the year was going to be. One word to direct me in all my personal and professional goals. THRIVE.

This year I begin my sixth year of blogging. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities over the past five years. Made friends. Learned tons. Watched new social media platforms grow. Earned some money. Took some fun trips. Made tons of mistakes. And had some really fun successes.

In these past years, I’ve not only celebrated my successes, but also the successes of my friends. I’ve helped them celebrate landing big campaigns and sponsors. I’ve cheered with them as they reached huge blogging goals.

If you’ve been blogging for a little while, you’ve probably celebrated with a blogging buddy, too. And it is hard not to be jealous. Until I realize that I couldn’t thrive in their life.

I can’t spend an hour a day scheduling pins, when I’m thriving on snuggles from my toddler. And I can’t chase after more sponsors when I’m thriving on time spent with my oldest in his first grade class. I can’t attend every blogger event when I want my marriage to thrive. We’re each only given 24 hours a day, and some of those are designated for sleep. With the rest, I need to make the choices that will help me to THRIVE.

This year, I’d love to land some big sponsorships, check some big goals off my list, and continue to grow the relationships I’ve cultivated these last five years. But not at the expense of living the rest of my life. This year, I plan to achieve the goals and milestones that make sense for me – both online and off – and thrive doing it.

I hope you have big plans for 2015 as well! Please share them in the comments below, and come visit me at and

Like Carolina shows, it’s not always easy to decide where to put our time and effort so make sure and thrive in those areas most important to you. Have you visited 30 Minute Crafts? If you need a quick-and-easy craft (or two or three), you’ll find it on her site. Stop by and check it out!


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