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Hello! I’m Becky one of the Crafting Chicks! We love to craft and create things that will help us with everyday life. From free printables and home decor, to kids crafts and recipes, we seem to have it all.

I’m so happy to be here on Snap telling you all about my One Word for 2015. I love this idea to focus on just one simple word. What a great way to make yourself better without all the guilt of not completing a list of little things to do.

My word for 2015 is Gentle.


I love the definition of this word:


Is it just me, or would you like to be described as mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.

I would love it if people said that about me…most importantly, if my children and husband could say that about me.

This past November I attended a women’s conference called Time Out For Women. It is full of uplifting nourishment for the soul, and a perfect way to escape, especially for this mom of 3 little girls.

I saw this video clip there and it really changed my perspective on how gentle I am not only with my family, but with myself.

I have always thought of myself as gentle, but as I reflected on my actions and words with my children husband, I realized that I’m not that gentle at all. Then I thought of how hard I am on myself. And how I sometimes get frustrated with other people and have thoughts that are anything but gentle thoughts towards them. I think this is the year to become more gentle.

I mean, look at these people. I should be super gentle and loving with them!


So I’ve found one of my favorite quotes on being gentle and have made it a printable for me to hang up anywhere I can! Seriously, in my office, car, fridge, and bathroom. I need this reminder EVERYWHERE folks! Head over to our site to download it!


I even bought a necklace from Charmed Collections that says “be gentle.” LOVE it!


It’s a perfect reminder to me EVERYDAY to focus on what’s most important and helps me keep my goal first and foremost in my mind.

So leave a comment and tell me what your One Word is or how you think you can be more gentle in your life.

I would never have thought Becky needed to work on being gentle; she’s one of the kindest people I know. I guess we all have room for improvement! Have you visited The Crafting Chicks?? They’re always posting super fun crafts, recipes and projects on their site. Stop by and check it out!


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