Hi! I’m Mindy from Creative Juice. I’m a cookbook author, blogger, party stylist and Macaron fanatic.

One Word Goal Challenge: Creative Juice | Hope via @SnapConf

My word for this challenge is HOPE. I have chosen the word hope because this year I will embrace it. In all of its messy glory. As much as this word inspires, there is also an undertone of uncertainty and frailty that accompanies this word. It implies something wished for, wanted, desired or sought after that may – or may not- be obtained.

The uncertainty is where the difficulty lies with this word. Particularly if your hope is for something good. Something worthy of prayer, faith, and righteous desire. Do you throw yourself into your hope only to crash if things come up short? Do you hold back and protect yourself only to feel relief instead of complete joy when your hopes are fulfilled? Does your amount of hope determine the outcome? Do you Protect your emotions and proceed with caution or be consumed with whatever the outcome is?

One Word Goal Challenge: Creative Juice | Hope via @SnapConf

These thoughts have swirled in my mind the last few months as my life has faced challenges and trials. I have hopes for a good thing. Yet it stays right outside my reach. From my experience so far, proceeding with caution restricts my emotional investment in my outcome. It creates passiveness under the guise of emotional protection. There is power in hope. That power can impact the outcome BUT EVEN IF IT DOESN’T it will impact YOU.

Feel every bit of the experiences life brings – the good, the bad, and the uncertain. Have joy despite the outcome. Fall hard. Hope fiercely. I’ll be by your side doing the same.

xoxo Mindy

Thanks to Mindy, from Creative Juice, for taking the One Word Challenge and sharing her thoughts today. Mindy is an incredible stylist, whose Macarons are A-MAZING. Don’t believe me? You’ve got to go check them out. 


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