One Word Goal Diary of a Quilter

My name is Amy Smart and I love to sew in general, but I’m especially partial to designing and sewing quilts. You can visit me at Diary of a Quilter – and if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to learn to make a quilt, then I can help you!

I don’t know if you ever feel this way, but I feel like I am always trying to keep track of 100 things at a time. I frequently feel like a crazy person. I’ve realized I need to divide my to-do list into three categories: Essential, Necessary, and Nice-to-do. This year my goal is to focus on the ESSENTIALS first.


Have you ever heard of that challenge where you’re asked to fit a pile of large rocks, gravel, and an amount sand into a jar? If you pour the sand in first, it’s impossible to fit everything into the jar. But if you add the large rocks first, then the small rocks and then pour the sand in on top, everything fits. For me the large rocks are my Essentials: my family, time to exercise and eat right, helping other people, and a few minutes of time to personally ponder and meditate (for me it’s prayer) every day. Basically, it’s sticking to my priorities.

I know when I do the Essential things FIRST I have a clearer perspective on what’s most important, I’m less scattered and more centered. I’m also better able to conquer the “necessary” list, and even still have time for some of those things on my “nice-to-do” list. Best wishes with your own goals and priorities for 2015!

I love the story Amy shared about adding the large rocks first. It’s so very true. Have you visited her site yet? If not, you really should, especially if you are all about the quilts. Stop by and take a look!


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