One Word Challenge: Girl Loves Glam Achieve | @SnapConfHappy New Year! It’s me, McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam here and I am really happy to share my word for 2015!

I am always inspired by other blogger when they share their goals each year and I truly hope that I can help light the fire within you to strive to be your very best self. The word that I chose for 2015 is, ACHIEVE!


Several months ago, I was given a shirt that says, “Dream Believe Achieve” on it. I thought it was a cute shirt and I wear it often. It wasn’t until a little more recently that I realized the power in the saying of that shirt.

I am one heck of a dreamer. I am really good at dreaming of all of the things I want to do with my life, but as far as execution goes, I am no good! I realized that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to setting goals. I don’t believe in myself enough to achieve my goals.

Instead of choosing the word “believe” as my one word goal for the year, I decided to go with the end in mind and choose “achieve” so that I can think of that goal at the end instead.

One Word Challenge: Girl Loves Glam Achieve | @SnapConf

This can apply to many aspects of life including my health, my duties as a wife and mother, my own spiritual growth, and my career goals. I can achieve those things because I know that I am strong enough to do it!

When we are feeling weak, we just need to begin by dreaming, believing, then achieving those goals. I know I can do this!

Thanks to McKenzie, from Girl Loves Glam, for joining us to share her one word goal. Visit McKenzie’s blog for easy to implement beauty tips, tutorials and loads of fun DIY projects!


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