Hey Snap readers! Nat here, half of the crazy sister duo at My Sister’s Suitcase. I’m excited to share my word for the new year and how I plan to incorporate it into my daily life.

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The word I have chosen for 2015 is very simple. Today. This year I am trying to focus on what’s most important and what is happening now. Sometimes taking things one day time is the only way I feel like I can stay afloat! (Can anyone relate?)

We just welcomed a little baby girl to our family a few weeks before Christmas. While it’s been an exciting and very blessed time, it has definitely added to the stress and exhaustion of the day-to-day tasks of being a mother. And there have been times when I worry about things that may not really be the most important.


I think as mothers we tend to look back a little too often and regret or worry about what we could’ve done better. We need to give ourselves a little more credit at the end of the day. Maybe we didn’t check everything off a long list of to do’s, but we had a precious moment reading a story with one child, or had the chance to listen to a problem as we talked to another child at bedtime. Perhaps a chance to serve someone else took time away from doing something that was far less important.

Maybe we need to just congratulate ourselves for surviving a really crappy day!

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Focusing on today will give me a chance to stay in the moment.

To dwell less on the past and worry a little less about the future.

I’m going to try to set small goals in 2015 that can be accomplished each day. I might even start with just one thing. Today I will make time to read with each of my children. Today I will make sure to tell each member of my family how much I love them. Today I will take time for myself to do something that will rejuvenate me and bring comment to my life. Today I will call an old friend just to catch up and let them know I love them. My hope is that enjoying the moment (especially my cute and squishy newborn!) will allow me to be a better person in all aspects and live life to the fullest! Here’s to a great 2015!


Oh man. How I adore these sisters. I love the word Nat selected for the year – it’s perfect! The sisters post some amazing projects. One of my favorite things about their site, is that it’s stuff that a REAL PERSON would actually create and use with their family. Stop by and visit!


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