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Hi! I’m Holly from Paisley Petal Events and I’m excited to share my one little word for 2015. I’ll be honest and let you know that I’ve never had a word for the year like many others have, mostly because I’m not very good at making resolutions and actually sticking with them and I wasn’t sure choosing a word would do me much good. BUT, this year is different. This year I think my word will really help me achieve some goals and dreams and HAS helped me already.

I actually came up with my word at the end of last year when I got really excited about pursuing a dream that I’ve had for a while and finally just decided to go for it. No more analyzing, no more doubting, no more comparing, no more waiting, no more “some day”. There’s never going to be a perfect time where everything’s aligned just right. So my word for the year is BRAVE. Because I have to be BRAVE to take risks, to make things happen, to pursue dreams, to not care what others think, to believe in myself, to be vulnerable, to just DO IT! When I hesitate or have doubts, I’ll be asking myself…”Are you being brave?”

That means you’ll be seeing some changes and exciting things happening over at Paisley Petal Events (including a name change & re-branding – eek!) and I couldn’t be more excited about it!! I hope some of you will come along with me for the ride via Instagram or Facebook and be inspired to be BRAVE in your own way.

Be BRAVE art prints in 4 color schemes

I created a little art print to keep by my computer to always remember my word for the year. If you’re interested in printing one for yourself, head on over to my blog and download the color scheme you love best. I couldn’t decide which one was my fave so I made 4 different designs 🙂


It does require some serious bravery to embark on a new adventure. We can’t wait to see what Holly has in store! Have you visited Paisley Petal Events? Holly has the cutest ideas around for parties and entertaining. Stop by and check it out!


Have you set a one word goal this year? Share it with us using the hashtag #onewordchallenge on social media. If you’ve shared a message about your one word goal on a blog, please link to it in our introductory post! 


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