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Hi there SNAP fans, my name is Melissa Mortenson and I’m the girl behind the Polka Dot Chair Blog. I’m excited to be sharing my One Word with you today. Mostly because there is a level of accountability that comes from sharing this kind of thing with the world. Two years ago my word was DO, and I shared about it on my blog. Remarkably I stuck to it for most of the year and I’m a person that has a hard time with “stuck-to-it-ness” (is that a word??).

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This year my word is FOCUS. When I started my blog in 2008 I just posted things as I made them and didn’t worry much about content consistency or really anything else for that matter. It was just a way to connect with other like-minded creatives. As my blog grew I took opportunities as they came along and found myself always waiting for someone else to offer said opportunity. Rarely did I seek out the opportunities and jobs that I wanted. Soon I found myself losing focus.

In 2013 I decided it was time to stop all of that. I had always wanted to write a book but I guess I was waiting for “that” email with a fantastic offer from a publisher. Well it never came, so in January 2013 I locked myself in my sewing room and worked until I had a book proposal together. I sent it off, half pretending I was not sending it to REAL people (because that would be scary wouldn’t it??!). 10-12 weeks later I heard back that they wanted to publish my book. I was so glad that I didn’t wait for “that” magic email.

2014 was a strange year for me. My oldest daughter was off at college, and we found our crazy “drive kids all over creation” life was slowing down a bit. I had many personal struggles that aren’t appropriate to share here, but let’s just say that it was NOT my favorite year. by. far. The ironic part was as I was feeling like my personal life was a struggle, my professional life was taking off. My book was published in September and in that same month I announced a paternship with Riley Blake Fabrics to produce my own line of fabric (one of those dreams was too big to say out loud).

Ask yourself this question.

This year I’ve decided that I need to FOCUS. Which is my word for 2015. Stop being reactionary. Stop waiting for someone else to tell me what to blog about. Stop wandering around the house not sure what I want to do that day. I struggle with focus, so many distractions at home, the internet, Instagram, TV, books etc. It leaves me with too many things not done and feeling guilty that I’m not productive. I’ve learned many things that help with this including setting personal deadlines, writing down what I need to do the next day before I go to bed, and walking away from the computer.

So this year I will FOCUS. I will be intentional with my time and my projects for my blog. Prioritize things and say no to other things. That doesn’t mean that I still don’t yearn for those magical emails with fantastic opportunities…. but I will find productive things to do while I see what develops for me and my blog in 2015.

I think “focus” could be just about everyone’s daily one word goal! Have you visited Polka Dot Chair yet? Melissa posts some of the most amazing sewing tutorials and projects. Stop by and check it out!


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