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Hi Everyone – I’m Mandy and I blog at Sugar Bee Crafts and I absolutely LOVE the SNAP Conference and SNAP Creativity – I’m excited to be part of this One Word Goal Series. I love hearing about what other people are focusing on, and gaining new insight and ideas and motivation for myself.

I feel like my life has been go-go-go and busy and all those things that I’m sure lots of you can relate to. Last year was a crazy one for us (and my word was appropriately CHANGE as we embraced tons of new things). And so this year I want to slow down, focus on building a foundation for life. I want to settle in and nourish where I’m at. My word for 2015: Cultivate.


One definition for Cultivate is to prepare and work on land in order to raise crops (I know that applies to more than raising crops!). To promote or improve the growth of by labor and attention. I want to cultivate myself. My family. Prepare ourselves through love, labor, and attention, so that we can thrive and grow. We moved and are in a new place, new town, new schools. I want to plant roots – to integrate into this new place and phase of life. To step back a little and plant seeds of awesomeness. This past summer I had a couple of weeks that were eye-opening for me, and I really want to stop the glorification of busyness – to slow down just a little. To cultivate what is here and not be running for the next thing out there. Strengthen the foundation of everything.

digbeyeler hollow

To cultivate is also to acquire or develop a quality, sentiment, or skill. To apply oneself to improving or developing. There are several things that can fall under the general idea of cultivating ourselves. Cultivate Happiness. Cultivate Kindness. Cultivate Gratitude. I would love to cultivate those traits as well, as we build this solid foundation of life.

cultivate happiness

cultivate kindness

cultivate the habit of being grateful

Thanks for letting me share a little glimpse of what I hope to do in 2015! To Cultivate: myself, my family, even my blog work. Nourish and strengthen and prepare for growth.

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I think “cultivate” is a beautiful word for 2015. Have you visited Sugar Bee Crafts? Mandy’s happy little valentine fish is so adorable I can hardly stand it! Stop by and check it out!


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