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Every year I choose a word to help me grow, and this year I’ve chosen the word “HAPPY.”

I chose “happy” to help me live in the moment and to find joy in the present. It helps me remember to be happy where I am and not worry about the past or the future.

“Happy” reminds me to love every moment, no matter how imperfect.

“Happy” means appreciating my family, my children, my friends, and all of the great things in my life. It helps me stay positive even in a challenging day. It’s probably my favorite word in the world.

And I’ve shared a “Choose Happy” printable — hop on over and download it for you or your friends and family!


And I’m excited to wear my new “Happy” necklace from Charmed Collections – thanks, girls!


Here’s to a HAPPY 2015!

I love that Jen chose the word “happy” because it reminds me that happiness is a choice—not always an easy one but an important one. Have you visited Tatertots & Jello lately? Jen’s sharing some of the cutest Valentine’s Day crafts and DIYs. Stop by and check them out!


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