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Hi Snap readers! I’m Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage and I’m uber excited to be here on the Snap blog! I love the Snap Conference, and as a two time speaker, I can tell you it’s one of the best experiences you can have as a blogger. It’s fun and loving and totally my vibe, so when Tauni asked me to share my word of the year with you, I couldn’t say no.

I’ve never really had a formal “word of the year” before – I just tend to focus on one main goal, which is usually weight loss (keepin’ it real, yo.) But when I turned 40 this year I realized that life is too short, so you should do the things that make you happy. Like coloring your hair blue (just sayin’.)

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I love the challenge of focusing on one word, because it encompasses so much more than just one facet – I can apply it to all aspects of my life: family, business and just plain me. My word? SHINE. Wait, whaaa? Yep, SHINE. Why? Welllll…

1) I want to be so happy that I shine from within. I’m going to take the time to learn to do things I always wanted to but always found excuses for – like learning calligraphy, the proper way to put on makeup so I don’t look like a clown, and (the one I’m most excited about) finally pick up the bass that we have and learn to play it. I have all the tools to do all these things already, I just need to focus enough to actually do them.

2) I want to show my girls (15 & 21) that you’re never too old to learn or grow or get better. Or love yourself. That’s a big one for me. I have raised strong, independent girls who are so smart and kind but I also want them to learn to be kind to themselves – so I need to do that so I lead with the example.

3) Rock my business. I want 2015 to be the best year yet – so I’m working on getting ahead and staying 3 steps ahead of my work load. As a blogger that’s hard, but it’s much easier to appreciate where you are if you’re not stressed out about what you’ll post tomorrow. Having a calendar and writing ahead is the key tactic, but also to stay on top of social media and learn to delegate to help give myself a break.

4) For my marriage. My husband is amazing – like seriously amazing. I’m not the girl that gushes, but I am the girl who appreciates the fact that he lets me do this crazy thing I love for a living and is my biggest cheerleader. He was the only person in my life who encouraged me to major in writing in college because he knew that was where my passion was. I want to show him every day how much I appreciate him, and let it shine through with every thing I do.

So that’s why SHINE is my word of the year. And I hope your year shines, too! Need some encouragement? Please stop by over on my blog – I’d love to join your cheerleading squad! I’d also love for you to follow me on Instagram (because I’m there all.the.time.) You can find me there by searching for @shabbycreek. I hope you have the most amazing year ever!

What an absolutely wonderful word—let’s all promise to shine in 2015! Have you visited Gina’s site yet? Her turtle cookie bars look divine. Stop by and check ’em out!


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