I live in Utah. I nearly bought a plane ticket to San Diego today…You might think it’s because the weather is  little (okay a lot) chilly here and I am looking for something a little more pleasant, but no. I am just so darn jealous of everyone going to the Queen Bee Market this weekend!

Tell me you don’t know how it is…There’s an event. You want to go. Everyone’s talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. You feel Totally. Left. Out. Anyone? Please?

Photos Courtesy Angry Julie

A long time fan of THE Queen Bee’s Mique and Jess, I was tickled to announce a partnership between SNAP! and the Queen Bee Market last May. In August, a few of us were able to attend the summer show, so trust me I KNOW what I am missing…

If you live in Southern California, this show is WORTH THE TRIP. Not only will you get to meet and shop some of your favorite handmade vendors, but on Friday night you have the option of attending Queen Bee’s Mindy Gledhill concert.

Mindy Gledhill Queen Bee Concert

Mindy is one of my favorite artists. I just love her music. If you’re not familiar, here’s a little sample:

Since I hate feeling left out I am going to spend the weekend playing my Mindy Gledhill CD over and over. I need some new musical options…so tell me, what are you listening to these days?

Oooh. And I don’t want you to feel left out next spring during SNAP! We are giving away a full-conference ticket to one participant in tomorrow morning’s #SNAPChat. Be sure to participate. Easiest possible way to earn a ticket…ever.

When’s the last time you felt left out because of online chatter? What was the event?

P.S. Speaking of QBM. I am excited to have one of these on it’s way in time for Christmas…Tell me it wont be fabulous. Dare ya.