This past October, several members of the SNAP team had the opportunity to travel to Meridian, Idaho to visit the Scentsy facilities. (You can read about Amy, Kami and Shelley’s trip on their respective sites and you may recognize a few of our speakers Cindy, Heather and Kari in the event pics too.)


If you’ve read some of trip recaps, you’ll know each blogger came back with rave reviews about the company and the fun they had. With such awesome references, we were thrilled when Scentsy joined us as our 2012 presenting sponsor.

Most of you are probably familiar with Scentsy’s well-known wickless candles, but we thought it would be fun to share a little more about the company itself in preparation for the interaction you will have at SNAP! next week.

Take it away Amy

A Behind the Scenes Look at Scentsy

Last fall, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the day with the people who do all of the work behind the scenes at Scentsy.


Though the company has grown from humble beginnings – just a family working out a 40-foot metal shipping container – it’s remained true to its roots.

Scentsy is a company with great product and a family-like atmosphere – I was blown away by the passion each of the employees I met had for their products, the company and each other.

Scentsy Fragrance Course


Perhaps one of my FAVORITE parts of my experience at the Scentsy Headquarters was participating in their Fragrance 101 class.

David Weymouth, the Fragrance Manager at Scentsy, took us through a very interesting, hands on class and introduced us to the science of fragrance. We learned about Scentsy’s meticulous process of blending base notes, middle notes and top notes to create their scents.

The biology major and science teacher in me enjoyed it, but really everyone else there really enjoyed it too! We learned a lot about why we like certain scents. The class was so fun and interactive.

I also really LOVED the Scentsy motto…”Generosity, Simplicity, and Authenticity.” They use this motto to make all of their decisions with regards to their company and the Scentsy name.

Having worked with them in the past and now having partnered with them for SNAP! I have learned that they truly practice what they preach.

Scentsy at SNAP!

Not only will Scentsy be a special part of Thursday night’s welcome dinner, but they have arranged to bring their fragrance expert, David, in to do a special class (Friday, April 20, 3-5 p.m.) on trends, blends and creating your own special scent!