Do you want to speak at SNAP!? Is there a speaker you’re dying to hear, or a topic you’d really like to have covered? It’s time to let us know…

We’ve been busy setting a schedule and working with some of our keynote speakers and we’re excited to announce that the SNAP! 2013 call for panel speakers and hands-on instructors is officially open! 

SNAP Call for Speakers


We will be accepting speaker applications through January 21 at midnight and hope to begin making speaker announcements by early February.

This year we’re looking for very specific panel suggestions and hands-on class ideas. All proposals should fall under one of the following tracks: professional (blogging tips, social media instruction, monetization and small business development), photography, contemporary crafting, home decor and DIY, entertaining and party planning.

When you submit your proposal, we will be looking for a topic (class title) and a course description. In addition, please be prepared to share the top three things attendees will walk away from the class with and what, if any, supplies you will need SNAP! to provide.

You will also be asked to submit a 400 word bio and a photo of yourself. Make sure it’s the image you want us to use online, as we may be able to change it.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to speak on the specific topic you’ve submitted or with the other panelists you may have suggested. By submitting a proposal, we’re assuming you’re interested in speaking at SNAP! in general and if there’s an alternate panel we think you’re suited for or a chance to moderate, we will still extend an invitation.

SNAP! panel speakers and hands on instructors will receive a complimentary full conference registration. Please note that with the exception of keynote speakers, hotel accommodations and travel are not covered.

If you have already purchased a conference ticket (and hey, they went fast, we don’t blame you), you will have the option of transferring your ticket to another guest at no cost or a full refund.

If you have any questions, would like to suggest a speaker or topic, feel free to leave a comment on this post!