Aimée and Bettijo here from with all the details about the Snap 2015 Door Decorating Contest. The door contest has become an iconic part of the Snap experience, and it’s a lot of fun.

Last year we heard comments from non-Snap hotel guests that loved seeing all the doors. In fact there was a group of young girls who were staying at Little America during Snap, and they decided to
decorate their door too — those are the bloggers of the future, right there!


DOOR CONTEST THEME: This year we are changing things up a bit by providing a theme for the door contest, which is #Expressions2Uplift.

We are working closely with the fabulous folks at Scotch/3M to make the contest even more inspiring for everyone. If you’re like us and prefer cute washi tape to most candy, then be sure to stop by the Door Contest table at registration to grab some fabulous Scotch Expressions goodies!

What does #Expressions2Uplift mean exactly? Well that’s where your creativity comes in. We found this quote that we think sums it up perfectly….


By the way… you can download this free printable quote over at our blog.

Here’s what we’re picturing at SNAP this year: walking down the halls of the Little America and door after door filled with kind, encouraging and uplifting messages. It’s going to be phenomenal!

Whether you create a full-scale masterpiece, interactive display, or simply hang a favorite quote, we hope everyone will participate at some level — let’s flood the hotel with #Expressions2Uplift!


LITTLE AMERICA HOTEL DOORS: Of course to really get planning we knew it would be helpful to take a peek at the doors you’ll be decorating. We stopped in at the Little America so we could share this quick reference with you. Unfortunately there was no way for us to be 100-percent sure that every door in the hotel will conform to these measurements, so be sure your design is flexible enough that you can make any necessary adjustments. Still we figured this would give you a rough idea to get started. (Also, please excuse the poor-quality, iPhone photo. It turns out hotel hallways are not
ideal photography locations.)

1. Since we had to obtain special permission from the hotel to decorate doors, only SNAP attendees staying at The Little America can participate in the contest.
2. Only a 3M Command or Scotch product designed for clean and damage-free removal can be attached to the doors. Please only decorate the door and door frame itself — you may not adhere
anything to any walls.
3. Door designs must be completed by midnight on April 23, 2015.
4. We would love to see updates on Instagram as you are preparing your door, but be sure to post a photo of your finished door and tag #Expressions2Uplift, @PagingSupermom and @ScotchProducts to be entered to win.

THE PRIZE: This year’s door contest winners will each receive a free ticket to Snap 2016 for everybody, plus some serious swag from Scotch.

Doors will be judged based on adherence to the rules, general creativity and interpretation of the the #Expressions2Uplift theme. As always, we will have several honorable mentions that come with fun
surprises and bragging rights… including a new category this year for favorite quote.

If you have any questions be sure to stop by the Door Contest table at Snap registration, and we’ll be happy to help.