Hello SNAP! friends, can you believe SNAP Conference is just about a month and a half away?! We are so excited to announce Snap Secret Sisters 2017, sponsored by Spellbinders!  This program has been such a huge hit each year, and this is our 4th year and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the response we get each and every year.

We would love it if those of you attending this year’s conference would consider joining in on the fun and help us make this 2017’s conference experience even more amazing! Trust us, you will love it and love the connections you make by participating!

So here are the Secret Sister juicy details:

  • The Secret Sister program is totally voluntary – SIGN UP only if this something that really interests you! When filling out the form please be as detailed as possible and answer ALL the questions.
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be paired with another blogger attending Snap and sent their blog and social media information.
  • Secret Sister information will be delivered through your Facebook account as a private message. You MUST BE SURE to check your folders for your assigned partner and confirm receipt. Often you will find a notification in your “other” folder.
  • Research your Secret Sister! Basically, stalk all of his/her social media channels and blog to find out what he/she loves and likes! Think hobbies, favorite colors, snacks, etc… Leave a comment or two while you’re visiting their social media, everyone loves some extra attention!
  • Purchase or make three gifts for your Secret Sister and bring them to SNAP. We will collect all three gifts on day 1 at registration. While there is no spending limit, we do suggest keeping gifts valued between $5-15 per gift. Gifts should be no larger than 10″ when wrapped since we are limited on space.
  • Each gift is to be wrapped before you arrive at registration. Number your gifts on the bottom (ie: a #1 for the first gift to be given, a #2 for the second gift, etc.). We will also provide name labels for each gift to help in the passing out process each day.
  • Only include your name on the last gift to be given on the last day of the conference! A good idea is to wrap your business card inside your third gift so your Secret Sister has all of your information so she can track you down and give you a huge hug and follow you on social media!
  • We will have labels printed and ready to go with each participant’s name, all you need to do is know who your Secret Sister is when you drop off the gifts so we can label them properly.
  • Gifts will be distributed during specific hours at the conference. You can look on the SNAP schedule once it’s released for specific times for pick-up. Gifts must be picked up each day at those designated times!
  • Watch the SNAP Twitter feed and the special Instagram handle @SNAPSisters throughout the conference for updates.

You will have until April 3rd, 2017 to sign up! So don’t wait too long or you might miss out.

Now, we know that this is a big chunk of information to take in, but it’s honestly so fun and we’ve received such amazing feedback about relationships and friendships made because of participation in the program. We love seeing how creative the gifts and wrapping are, especially when the reflect the recipient who will be receiving them.

So are you in and ready to be paired with your Secret Sister? Fill out THIS FORM to get started!

We’ve created a special hashtag for the SNAP Secret Sister program that you’ll want to follow before and during the conference: #snapsister. Don’t forget to follow @SNAPSisters on Instagram to keep updated!

Last thing: If you choose to sign up and participate, awesome!  We’re excited to have you join us! Please make sure that you follow through and bring the gifts for your Secret Sister. It would be a total bummer if someone didn’t get the experience they expected!