No matter how well crafted your pitch is, it will get nowhere if you send it to the wrong person. If you’re attending Snap, you’ve taken a great step toward connecting with our 2017 line up of sponsors.


Whether you’re coming to Snap in two weeks, or you’re staying at home with the family this year, we encourage you to reach out to our sponsors in advance of the conference.

Be strategic and set up opportunities to talk to brands outside of busy sponsor hours in advance. Reaching out early to brands can result in one on one meetings or small group get togethers at Snap.

The best way to talk to brands before and during the conference? TWITTER.

I know. You’re skeptical.

My first successful brand pitch started with a conversation on Twitter. After following a brand for a bit and engaging in some successful back and forth I asked, “Hi, just curious, do you guys work with bloggers?” In hindsight, the question was somewhat blunt, but honestly I figured I had nothing to lose.

To my surprise, the individual managing the brand’s Twitter account said that they do and quickly passed the proper email address along to me via DM. Email pitches led to further conversations that resulted in some social media content creation and a sponsorship at my event, Snap Conference. To this day, many of my cold pitches start with a single tweet.

Interested in learning more about connecting on Twitter? Read this article on how to connect with brands on Twitter.

Almost as important? Be sure to tag @snapconf as well. Brands ask us all the time for blogger recommendations. We’re much more likely to recommend someone we know has an interest in working with the brand.