This post isn’t an official recap of SNAP! Conference 2012.  Mostly because I don’t have enough words to do the conference an sort of justice.  I will leave the official recap to the woman who brought SNAP! to life… Tauni.  I cannot imagine anyone else being able to pull together such an amazing event for all of us to participate in.  Thanks Tauni!

Image Credit Kristen Duke Photography 


SNAP! would have been a little less awesome without all of our fabulous sponsors.  We invite you to visit their sites, follow them on Twitter, and check out their fan pages.  I know they would all love to get to know you.


SNAP! Conference was held at the gorgeous Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  It was a joy to be at such a lovely location for our conference.


SNAP! Conference was only a success thanks to the amazing attendees, speakers, volunteers, and SNAP Team (coined the SNAPettes).  You all took time away from your families, jobs, and responsibilities to come support the conference.  We appreciate you more than you will ever realize.  We are inspired by your creativity, willingness to share, and overall amazingness (if that isn’t a word it really should be).

Image Credit Kristen Duke Photography 


We cannot wait to see all of the photos you took during SNAP!  I only wish I had taken more.  But the 3 pictures I did take are of course works of art.  There is a SNAP! Flickr group for you to share all your photos.  We only ask that if you use a photograph from the group that you give proper credit to the photographer.

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