This week, I received a question regarding individual blog conference sponsorship:

I read through the SNAP! guidelines for individual sponsorship. I think I understand the guidelines, but what can I offer a company that’s not an official sponsor in exchange for sponsoring me individually?

It’s a great question and I thought I would share a few ideas on what bloggers might offer a company looking to provide them with individual sponsorship to a conference.

  • Offer a media buy that includes advertising on your site before, during and after the event.
  • Consider a package that includes sponsored post(s) on your site and include the sponsor in your event write-up.
  • Host a giveaway featuring your sponsor on your site.
  • Tweet about your sponsor during the conference. Be sure to add #sp to your tweets for disclosure.
  • Offer to write a post or two for the sponsor’s blog.
  • Include a little bit about your sponsor in your quick introductory elevator pitch.
  • Utilize the backside of your business card for information about your sponsor.
  • Consider a personalized case on some of your most used tools – your phone, iPad, laptop, etc.
  • Wear a sponsor logo item at the event.

Once you’re prepared to move forward with your ideas, consider these five steps to blog conference sponsorship and check out this great blog sponsor kit.

Keep in mind that most attendees do not have an individual sponsor. If you’re not successful in obtaining a sponsor, don’t feel bad. You’re in good company.