It’s almost time for SNAP! Conference 2014 and we are all getting so excited.  We all know that photo ops are some of the most fun parts of conferences.  Gathering together with your friends and getting the perfect shot for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a MUST.  That is why we are thrilled that you can get “SNAP! Happy” with our registration photo booth sponsored by Elmer’s.


Can you think of a better way to kick off your SNAP! experience with some fun props, friends, and maybe a random photo booth selfie?  If you post a photo to Instagram in the Elmer’s photo booth using the #ElmersAtSNAP hashtag you will be entered to win $100 gift card and an Elmer’s tool kit filled with fabulous product.  Make sure you have your phones and cameras ready to Get SNAP! Happy With Elmer’s!