After two months, more than 100 speaker applications and even more topic suggestions, we have reached our deadline and the search for speakers and topics is closed.

We received some really great topic suggestions and are incorporating many of your ideas into our schedule and course offerings. We will be hosting classes on everything from basic blogging tips and photography to some incredible hands on workshops!

And the speaker applications! Wow!!! To say that we are amazed is an absolute understatement!!! Honestly, we are humbled by the caliber and quality of applicants who have offered their services to this conference. We never could have guessed we would have such an incredible response to our call.

We are currently going through all of the applications to determine who fits best and where. If you’ve applied to speak, we will be notifying you of our decision by the end of the month. If you’re planning to attend and are anxiously waiting to see who will be speaking, we’re also hoping to announce that by the end of the month!