Did you catch our first speaker announcement last week? If not, you really ought to check it out…What a great group!

We’re excited to introduce you to several more amazing speakers today…



Becki Crosby, Whippy Cake

Becki is the rockabye mom sporting the just-rolled-out-of-bed look with a posh twist that makes you wonder if she did it on purpose. She wears stripes with polka dots and white after Labor Day. She’s short on time and long on love, so she needs her fashion to work for her. This need gave birth to her company Whippy Cake.


Infarrantly CreativeBeckie Farrant, Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor

Her heart beats for transformation projects and inspiring women to create. She’s outgoing, not afraid of a challenge and willing to give her opinion even when it is not asked for. When she isn’t spray painting or finding curbside treasures she loves vacationing with her husband Tim and chasing around her children, Isaac (5) and Kayla (2).


Danielle Liss

Danielle Liss, Attorney,

Danielle Liss is a lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her practice focuses on corporate litigation and social media law. Danielle’s has been featured on numerous websites, television and in Marie Claire. In addition to her legal practice, she is also the Influence Broker & Campaign Architect for FitFluential, a social media company and blogs at kittenagogo.com


Heather WhipperBerry

Heather Thoming, WhipperBerry

Heather has many loves in life photography, blogging, crafting and cooking to name a few. She loves to put a spin on simple everyday projects whether they be a fun craft project or a lovely recipe that tickles her fancy. Along with being a wife, mother and blogger Heather also works as a professional photographer and event planner in Las Vegas.


Jamielyn Nie I Heart Naptime

Jamielyn Nye, I Heart Naptime

Jamielyn started I Heart Nap Time as a creative outlet in a little bliss during her day called nap time. She loves to create. She loves thrifting and thinking of all the possibilities that can be, from an old treasure. She loves to bake… and eat lots of cookies. Jamielyn is married to her best friend and together they have two beautiful children just under two years apart.


Jeannett Gibson, Life Rearranged

Jeannett is the author of a site about life, family, and a place for women to connect…even in the hard places. It’s a place to share story and learn more about each other’s journeys. Regular fundraisers offer a tangible way to show support and maybe even stretch out of our comfort zones a little. She loves coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper, reading, and can be paid for most things in white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.


Meg Duerksen Whatever

Meg Duerksen, Whatever

i am a mother of five, wife of 16 years, family photographer, craft weekend hostess, and blogger. i love to sew. i love antiques… the junky chippy painted kind and happy doses of color and pattern. i have a heart for western africa and cannot wait to go back. i love sharing my passions with the blog world. and what I really love is when blogland responds and gives back deeply from their heart!


Mandi Vintage Revivals

Mandi Gubler, Vintage Revivals

Mandi has been called the McGyver of DIYers. She started her blog in July of 2010 to feature her thrift shop glam projects and has quickly developed a large following. She’s a regular trend alert contributor on local television and has appeared on The Nate Berkus show twice.



Susan Petersen Freshly Picked

Susan Petersen, Freshly Picked

Susan is mother of a 5 year old professional pretender and a chubby redheaded toddler named Gus. Susan and her family live in the happy state of Utah where even DMV employees are in good moods. She writes, she crafts, she sews + she sells at Freshly Picked.



Traci Beneath My Heart

Traci Hutcherson, Beneath My Heart 

One of Traci’s favorite things about being an elementary school teacher was decorating and rearranging the furniture, so it is no surprise that she now has a DIY decorating blog. Being a stay at home mom for the past 12 years and learning to raise her 4 boys on just her husband’s income has caused Traci to think outside the box.