But before April rolls around, we’ve got a bit of housekeeping to do!

I get asked to describe Snap all of the time. I thought it would be fun to share my view with you!

Snap is a conference for creative lifestyle bloggers – the makers. Approximately 95% of attendees are women between the ages of 28-40, with more than two children. The average attendee at Snap enjoys just over 350,000 page views a month, 100,000 Facebook fans and 65,000 Instagram fans. There are more than 75 attendees this year who’s monthly page views are over 2 million and about 10% of our attendees report they make a six figure salary on their blog.

While Utah bloggers represent 30% of our 400 attendees, we will host participants from 46 states in the nation. Check out the U.S. heat map…


Isn’t that cool?

It’s fun to share the numbers and statistics, but truthfully that’s not what really defines Snap. It’s the unquantifiable stuff that really makes this event special –  the delightfully sweet, phenomenally friendly spirit that abounds.

We’ve loved watching attendees connect in advance and encourage you to continue to do so. We’re trying to make it even easier to connect. Meet other attendees by…

Post and follow along with us using the hashtag #snapconf It’s a great way to connect in advance.

Be sure to join our active private Facebook group. It’s a great place to get to know one another and connect in advance of the conference! If you’re new to Snap, please join our newbie Facebook group!