Oh goodness. It’s been so much fun to read all of the amazing posts that have been shared as part of our One Word Challenge!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate both the participation of all the ladies who’ve been sharing the words they’ve selected as a part of this series. They have been very generous with their time and efforts. Having said that, I have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how many of you have emailed, grammed and tweeted your own words. YOU are amazing!

One Word Challenge: Tauni | Focus via @SnapConfI’ve never set overly complicated New Year’s Resolutions for myself. It probably has more to do with my love for making lists and being able to cross things off, than sheer brilliance or an acumen for goal setting. In recent years, I’ve simplified things even further by setting a one word goal.

Sometimes the word has come easily. Other times, like this year, selecting THE word has required more of a pause and some serious self reflection.

When I first started considering my 2015 word, I was set on the word REACH. It seemed like the perfect word for an entrepreneurial spirit, but as I worked with it a bit I realized it just wasn’t the right fit. It made me feel as if I was after MORE, when what I really want to do is SIMPLIFY.

So? Obviously my word should be simplify, no? Yet it didn’t fit any better than reach.

I thought for a while that perhaps my word ought to be BALANCE. Truthfully though? I am one of the most un-balanced people on Earth and I wanted a goal that pushed me, not one that served as a source for frustration. The more I thought about balance though, the more I realized what would work is more FOCUS.

ONe WOrd Focus 4

When I landed on focus, it’s like the universe aligned. Everything I saw, read and looked at drew me closer to the word focus.

Instead of being the master of multi-task, I am going to focus.

Rather than letting my attention jump from one thing to another, resulting in a fractured, less productive day, I will focus.

Instead of splitting my time between too many projects, I am going to focus.

When I am with my family, I will focus.

I am so excited about my word for this year!

Have you set a one word goal this year? Share it with us using the hashtag #onewordchallenge on social media. If you’ve shared a message about your one word goal on a blog, please link to it in our introductory post! 

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